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Hello and welcome

Hello, I am Jilly and I am your babywearing consultant with Welwyn Slings and CubCare. I started working with pregnant people and new families in 2014 when I trained as an antenatal and baby class teacher with The Daisy Foundation. In 2021, with my youngest daughter starting school I decided it was time to enhance my offerings and trained to be a babywearing consultant (amongst a few other qualifications!).

I now teach Antenatal classes, Baby classes, Babywearing Dance classes and offer both Postnatal Doula and Babywearing support through my sister company, CubCare.


I want to run a supportive library and babywearing consultancy to really reach as many people as possible and help everyone know and understand the benefits of carrying your baby. There are literally hundreds of carrier and wrap options out there to choose from, but often people feel stuck with the generic options from well known brands (ones with big marketing budgets!) that may not be the most suitable or comfortable for them.

My aim is to help as many people as possible, and bring as many people together as possible. Please take a look at my library slings for hire, or get in contact about a workshop or help with troubleshooting a carrier you might already have.

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